On this page, you can send your files

Please read these guidelines before uploading!

Your files must comply with these requirements:

- Export your mix as a 24-bit .wav-file, and use the same sample rate as the one you recorded/worked in.

- Your tracks must have at least 3 dB of headroom.

- If you have a limiter on your Master, then please bypass it before export.

- If you have a compressor on your Master, then please send me two files - one WITH compressor and one WITHOUT. The files should be named clearly (for example [name of your track]_withcomp).

– If you've ordered a vinyl pre-master, then please include a track list with the songs in the correct order.

Before uploading, please send a message here

As soon as you've received a confirmation from me, you can upload your files through WeTransfer (link below). Add your name in the message box, and send the files to marcus[at]machmastering.dk

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