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MACH Distribution is the official distributor of products from Gyraf Audio in Denmark and the rest of the Nordic countries.
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G25 VocalShape Recording Channel
Gyraf G25 VocalShape Recording Channel - product image

G25 er det nyeste produkt fra Gyraf Audio. G25 er en rørbaseret mikrofon-preamp og channelstrip, specifikt designet til at tracke vokaler. I G25 finder du flere funktioner fra tidligere Gyraf-produkter – preamp-trin baseret på G9, vari-mu compressor baseret på G10, tilting EQ based on the G23-S and clipper based on the G21.

G24 Dual/Stereo/MS Opto-Compressor – “Passive Aggressive”
Gyraf G24 Dual/Stereo/MS Opto-Compressor - "Passive Aggressive" - product image

The G24 is a passive optical compressor. The compressor is made up of two stereo compressors that can be set individually. Both compressors have the classic threshold, ratio, attack and release controls, but also unique functions such as 'Elliptic', which controls whether each compressor works in stereo or mid/side, as well as 'Feed', which controls whether the sidechain detects before compression (Feed-forward) or after compression (Feedback).
By having two compressors, you can e.g. work with two different time settings, or you can have individual control over mid and side, respectively.
The G24 is a very transparent compressor that is extremely well-suited e.g. for overall level adjustment in mastering contexts.
Watch a demo of the G24 here

G23-S Stereo Tilting Equalizer
Gyraf G23-S Stereo Tilting Equalizer - product image

The G23-S is a “Tilting Equalizer”. On this EQ, the user can control a "tilt curve", which is like a straight-line seesaw over the entire frequency spectrum, which can then be tilted. In this way, low frequencies can be boosted while high frequencies are attenuated, and vice versa. By doing so, a mix can be tilted darker or brighter. Finally, the mix can be fine-tuned with a 3-band tone control, each band with three selectable frequencies.
The G23 is tube-based, but it is possible to switch to a "solid state mode", so that all amplification is done with modern integrated circuits (opamps), rather than tubes. This configuration is also found in the G14-S.
Watch a demo of the G23 here

G22 Dual/Stereo/MS Vari-Mu Compressor
Gyraf G22 Dual/Stereo/MS Vari-Mu Compressor - product image

The G22 is a dual vari-mu compressor. With this compressor, you can work in dual-mono, stereo or mid/side. The circuit is based on the G10 compressor, which has been part of Gyraf's product range from the very beginning!
Vari-funktionen giver mulighed for at justere, hvordan de to kanaler korrelerer, hvis de har to forskellige indstillinger – det er særligt nyttigt ved compression i mid/side.

G21 Magneto-Dynamic Infundibulum
Gyraf G21 Magneto-Dynamic Infundibulum - product image

The G21 is a passive "clipper" that allows you to clip frequency selectively within three frequency bands. Although clipping is often undesirable, it can be quite a powerful tool in some contexts, e.g. to smooth out transients, dampen resonances or to achieve loudness in a different way. With the G21, the user has great control over individual elements in a stereo mix – by clipping within one of the three bands, e.g. drums, percussion and resonances of various kinds are controlled in a more transparent and "imperceptible" way than what can be achieved with other processors, such as dynamic EQ or multiband compressor. One of the great advantages of the parallel design is that there are no phase problems to deal with, due to no recombining of the frequency bands.
Watch a demo of the G21 here

G14-S Parallel Passive Stereo Tube EQ
Gyraf G14-S Parallel Passive Stereo Tube EQ - product image

The G14-S is a passive EQ with 5 bands, each band with 11 carefully selected frequencies and variable Q-value.
The EQ is also equipped with a trim control, so any level differences can be adjusted when the EQ is active.
The G14 has two selectable amplifier stages. One stage is based on tubes, the other on modern integrated circuits (opamps) - two very different "flavours". This configuration is also found in the G23-S.

G10 Stereo Vari-Mu Tube Compressor
Gyraf G10 Stereo Vari-Mu Tube Compressor - product image

The G10 is a compressor based on the classic vari-mu principle, where all gain reduction is done with tubes. The user has full control over the traditional threshold, ratio, attack and release parameters. In addition, a highpass filter (with three different cut-frequencies) can be switched into the sidechain, so that the compressor does not react to low frequencies.

G9 Dual Tube Microphone Amplifier

The G9 is a two-channel preamp for microphones, with tubes in both input and output stages - the input and output stages can be operated individually with "Gain" and "Output". You can switch between line and mic input (with and without phantom power). On the front panel you'll also find an instrument input as well as a low cut filter and a phase switch.

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